FAQs on the SCP Process in June and July 2016

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As a follow up to the most recent Staff Compensation Program that was held, the URA has provided a list of questions and answers that address the next phase of the performance review process.  If you still have questions or concerns after reading the information please reach out to your campus steward or contact us at the URA office at (732) 745-0300 or by email at union@ura-aft.org.

FAQ – SCP Process in June and July 2016


Q:        I did not receive my evaluation until after April 30th.  What should I do now?

A:         Our union contract requires that you receive your evaluation (results of your appraisal) by April 30th.  Otherwise, you must receive a 2% salary increase.  You will be notified of your salary increase on or before June 30th, 2016.  Notify your union steward or the union office immediately if you were not provided your evaluation by April 30th.
Q:        I want to file an appeal.  What should I do?

 A:         The appeal process is outlined in Article 41, Section E of the URA-AFT union contract.  A grievance rather than an appeal is appropriate for instances where you were not evaluated by April 30th and you were not provided a 2% increase (see above).

Q:        When and how will I be notified of my salary increase?

A:         You should have been notified by May 15th if you “meet standards” or “do not meet standards”.    If you “meet standards” you will receive an increase of 1 to 3%.

The following information is taken from the UHR website

Vice presidents and chancellors will notify University Human Resources (UHR) by June 3 that merit salary increases and one-time, lump sum payments for their areas have been approved.   Supervisors will notify employees of salary increases and/or one-time, lump sum payments awarded on or before June 30th.

Eligible employees will be able to view approved performance awards on the University Human Resources website, using their NetIDs and passwords, on or about July 5.  Information about this website will be forthcoming from UHR.

 Q:        Will I receive a one-time bonus or an increase to my annual base salary?

 A:        In years when raises are merit-based, the minimum and maximum of salary grade stays the same. If you are at the top of your grade, you will receive your merit pay as a one-time bonus; it does not go to base salary.  If you are near the top, you may receive part as raise and part as a bonus.

The salary schedule can be found in Appendix D of the URA-AFT contract.

Q:        When will I see my raise or bonus in my paycheck?

A:         The following information is taken from the UHR website:

The paycheck of July 15, for eligible 12-month staff, will include salary increases retroactive to July 1, 2016, any one-time, lump sum payments, and any applicable retroactive pay resulting from the FY 2016-2017 SCP. In order to receive their performance awards, employees must remain in a program-eligible title through the date of payment.

For ten-month employees: Your raise will be paid in the September 9 paycheck retroactive to September 1, 2016 and, along with any resulting one-time, lump sum payments,  You must remain on payroll until September 9 to receive a raise or lump-sum.

Commencement FAQ – What Are Our Rights?

With President Obama’s visit, more questions and concerns may arise during Rutgers University’s commencement and school convocations.  Here are some common questions that address your working conditions during these special events.  You may share this document with your supervisor or contact your union steward with any specific concerns.

Q:        I was told that I can “volunteer” to work Commencement or Convocation, but I cannot be paid.  Is this allowed? Continue reading Commencement FAQ – What Are Our Rights?

Election Results for URA Delegates

Under our union’s Constitution, URA participates in several different umbrella organizations. URA’s full-dues members are able to take part in the democratic process at every level of the labor movement by running for office as delegates to various organizations.  The elections of delegates took place at the April 11, 2016 General Membership Meeting.  Below are the results.

  • New Jersey AFL-CIO — the core of the labor movement in New Jersey, the AFL-CIO brings together both public and private sector unions. The delegates elected to attend the Constitutional Convention, June 21-22 in Atlantic City, NJ are:  Carolyn Foote, Christine O’Connell, Darlene Smith, Donna Lapinski, Dorothy Grauer, Helen Pirrello, Joan Bankole-Jones, Kay Schechter, Larry Stromberg, and Tracy Swan.
  • AFT National – Our national union is one of the biggest unions in the USA, with over 1.4 million members. The delegates elected to attend the biennial national convention that takes place this year from July 18-21 in Minneapolis, MN are: Carolyn Foote, Christine O’Connell, Darlene Smith, Ginny Caputo, Kay Schechter, and Larry Stromberg.

All URA delegates are expected to attend all business sessions of the respective Convention, and appropriate educational workshops held in conjunction with these events.  Congratulations to the delegates and thank you to everyone who participated.

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