An MRI Is No Day at the Beach!

An MRI Is No Day at the Beach! URA-AFT Wins Use of Sick Time for Medical and Dental Appointments


URA-AFT Employees may use sick time for pre-planned medical and dental appointments.

URA has reached a settlement in a class action grievance over sick leave. On September 21, URA representatives signed a settlement agreement which will bring compassion and common sense into our use of sick time.


In our first contract, we negotiated a provision that defined sick leave as follows: 

          Sick leave is defined as a necessary period of absence because of the employee’s own illness or for exposure of the employee to contagious disease.

The URA has always understood this to mean that members should be able to use sick leave/sick time for medical and dental appointments. 

    In many– but not all — departments our members were required to use vacation time for medical visits simply because they had an appointment. Hundreds of members told of the problems they had in using their accrued sick time for its intended purposes. (You can see some of the best comments on this page.)

    That was bad for our health — causing many employees to delay important medical treatment and diagnosis.  It was also a violation of URA’s existing contract language. Over and over, we found proof that managers were citing a University Policy and ignoring Article 44 of our contract. 

    After management denied the grievance at the 3rd step of the grievance procedure, it took almost nine months to get the case before an arbitrator. But at arbitration we reached a settlement – and it’s a big win for URA members. 

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An MRI is No Day at the Beach! URA-AFT Wins Use of Sick Time for Medical and Dental Appointments

The URA has reached a settlement in a class action grievance over sick time for our members. On September 21, 2016, URA representatives signed an agreement with Rutgers management that will bring compassion and common sense into use of sick time.

Here is the important language: 

URA-AFT employees may use their accrued sick time for pre-planned medical and dental appointments provided that the employee submits a request as soon as is practical, with the expectation that the employee shall provide at least one week’s notice if possible. Requests shall not be unreasonably denied. All requests shall be consistent with medical confidentiality. 

Using sick time for your medical and dental needs— isn’t that common sense?

How will it work?

The settlement agreement guarantees your right to use sick time when you have a medical or dental visit— no matter the nature of the visit. That remains confidential. This means that preventative visits are covered under this provision, as well as any other medical or dental appointment.

When does it start?

The agreement is effective immediately. So, if you have an upcoming medical or dental appointment, you can immediately request that your department charge that time off to sick time.

More questions? Attend the next URA membership meeting on October 17, or your next campus lunchtime meeting, and watch the URA website for further details.

Sickness, Debt, Elections…This Fall!

An MRI is No Day at the Beach” – Sick Leave for Sick Workers Arbitration Next Week

Have you been denied the use of sick time for a medical appointment to see a doctor, for diagnostic testing, surgery or other medical procedure, follow-up visits or therapy? Have you been told to use your vacation time BECAUSE you have an appointment?  Has this happened in the last year? Would you like to see your absence record corrected and your vacation time restored? Please provide the information at

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