Camden Has A New URA Leader

Alexis Rivera

Alexis Rivera Alvarado, a Project Coordinator in the Camden Registrar’s office has been elected by the URA Executive Board to fill the vacant position of Camden campus Vice President.

After a few members asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking on the responsibility I immediately felt that I needed to step up and take a larger role within the union” said Alexis. “While being a staff member and a student limits some of my time, I do know that I can give enough to make an impact here on campus and try my best to represent our campus to the university. “ Under Article V of the URA constitution, the Executive Board is able to fill vacancies on the Board through a secret ballot of the Board members. Alexis will serve until the next election for officers, coming up in November of 2012. Already a URA shop steward, Alexis is taking an active role representing members in the full variety of union issues on campus: talks about the Rowan takeover threat, health and safety, and unpaid overtime.