Merit Raises Due In October: SCP Season Isn’t Over Yet

MC900290290-calenderThough the April 30 deadline for complete your SCP has come and gone, there are still several things you need to keep in mind before October 1, when receipt of the third salary increase provided in 2012 under the URA Agreement are distributed:

A. If you have not done so already, you can still send a self-appraisal/comment to your SCP but it must be submitted before June 1, 2012

B. Those who were not given an evaluation by the April 30 deadline will automatically receive a 2.25% merit raise effective October 1, 2012

C. Everyone whose overall rating is “Meets Standards” must receive a minimum increase of 2%. The maximum merit increase is 4%. You can only receive a merit-based bonus if you are at the top of your salary grade. You must be employed at Rutgers in a URA position to be eligible for the October raise.

D. The merit award letters will no longer be mailed to you; you will be able to see your salary award letter online on or about October 1 at the UHR website at

E. You can appeal your evaluation if 1) the procedures were not followed, 2) that there was a demonstrable factual inconsistency, or 3) that you were not evaluated according to the performance standards for your job. The deadline for this appeal is 30 days from the time you receive the October letter. If you believe your evaluation is incorrect, you should start the process now with Step 1 above. For information about appealing a SCP evaluation click here and review Appendix F of the URA Contract for complete details

If any member has a question about their SCP, they should contact their steward or call or email the URA office.