URA Leaders are Recent Rutgers Grads

Join us in congratulating several of our stewards for their hard work and accomplishments:

Joyce SagiJoyce Sagi, Cook steward and Health & Safety Committee Chair graduated Fri. 5/11/12 from SMLR/LEARN’s Employment Law for Union Representatives program.

EricEric Himsel Himsel, Lead steward on Busch Campus graduated Sat. 5/12/12 from SMLR’s Master of Human Resource Management program.

MarilynMarilyn Tankiewicz Tankiewicz, steward on the College Avenue Campus graduated Sat. 5/12/12 with honors with a B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies and a minor in both Labor Relations and Psychology.



We wish them continued success. If you or another URA member is a recent graduate please let us know so we can join you in celebrating.