URA News: After the Storm — What To Do and Where To Go

Sandy-Related Absence: Who Pays?

URA Executive Director Bob Cousins has sent the following memo to the Office of Labor Relations.  Every member should seek directions from their supervisor before charging storm-related absence to any form of time off.

In coming weeks, URA will be surveying members on hurricane-related emergency and long-terms needs.  At the general membership meeting on Monday, November 12 , we will discuss actions we can take to the shocking lack of concern for the safety of staff members that Rutgers top management have shown during the Hurricane Sandy emergency.


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Choosing “Other” When Your Building is Closed

If your office building was closed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy you should not be charged for the day; an “Other” day should be designated on your time report by the department and in the description section ask that “Hurcn-BldgClosed” is written for Hurricane-Building Closed. Also contact the URA if you could not work at your worksite. If you encountered similar weather-related issues because you had to come into work please contact your union steward (http://www.ura-aft.org/ura-stewards).

2012 URA-AFT Voting Schedule and Candidates’ Statements

The URA will be holding its third election of officers on Monday, November 12, 2012. As stated in

Article IV Election of Officers Section I of the Union of Rutgers Administrators-American Federation of Teachers (URA-AFT) Local 1766 Constitution: “Officers of this Union shall consist of a President, Executive Vice-President, Vice-President–Camden campus, Vice President–New Brunswick/Piscataway campus, Vice-President–Newark campus, Treasurer and Secretary. Additional officers consist of one executive board member from Camden campus, one executive board member from Newark campus, one extension/off-campus executive board member, and five executive board members from the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus. These officers shall be voted into office by the membership by a simple majority.”

Article IV  Election of Officers Section III of the Union of Rutgers Administrators-American Federation of Teachers (URA-AFT) Local 1766 Constitution states, “All members must vote in person at a polling location, except that the following may contact the union for an absentee ballot if they are unable to vote in person: all members whose primary residence is farther than 50 miles away from any of the three polling locations and who do not work on any of the three main campuses; members who have a conflict with a religious observance on the day of voting; and members who will be out of town on work-related duties, in which case they must provide documentation from their supervisor confirming this. Absentee ballots must be in the possession of the union a minimum of 24 hours prior to the closing of all three polling locations. The completed ballot can be returned to the union via certified mail or the shop steward or hand delivered by the member.  Every effort will be made to ensure that all members will receive ballots.”

For election questions contact the Elections Committee at elections@ura-aft.org.

Stress supportA Relief Donation Has Been Made To The American Red Cross In Your Honor (from HCAMS)

At Healthcare Assistance with Member Support we know a little something about recovery and it doesn’t happen overnight or without hard work and a strong network of support. With that in mind, we chose to be a part of your recovery network this week by making a donation to the American Red Cross in honor of the men and women of URA-AFT.

We can not imagine the devastation felt by your members and their extended families. Even without direct loss of life property and valuables, your folks surely have family and friends impacted by the effects of Hurricane Sandy. When the basics of food, water, shelter, and electricity are scarce it renders an outlook of destitution.

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Assistance for Union Members Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Union Plus program participants may qualify for grants

Union members living in areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, who participate in Union Plus programs may be eligible for financial assistance.

Union Plus Disaster Relief Grants of $500 are available to help participants in the Union Plus Credit Card, Insurance or Mortgage programs who are facing financial hardship due to the recent severe weather. The money does not have to be repaid. Funds are limited to the nearly $370,000 available in the Union Plus Disaster Relief Fund.

Go here for additional information.

Hurricane Sandy Resource Information (from the AFL-CIO)

NJ Sandy Resources is a project of the Working Families United For New Jersey, we’re here to help. You can search for things like open gas stations, tips on coming back to your home after a flood, and what to do in a water emergency.

Click here to find information on disaster assistance, as well as vital information on how and where to vote.

Hurricane Sandy: Clean Up Safely (from WEC)

On behalf of the NJ Work Environment Council, we hope you and your families stayed safe during Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are with those who were affected by this superstorm.

As we start the recovery process, please keep in mind that the clean up can be just as dangerous.

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