URA News: WILD in March and More

URA Women Went WILD

On March 8th and 9th nine URA activists attended the New Jersey AFL-CIO’s 10th Annual WILD Conference at the Hilton Hotel in East Brunswick, NJ.  WILD stands for Women in Leadership Development and the event  kicked off on Friday, which was International Women’s Day.  Below, member and COPE chair, Kay Schechter recounts her experience at the conference:

The presentation “We’re Not Finished” — Women’s Leadership, Building for the Future featured Teena Chaill, PsyD, Director of Wisdom and Beyond.  While being energetic and humorous, she connected with the women at the conference regarding our own futures.

Dr. Cahill’s mantra is “Come on World.  I am going to be OK no matter what.”  She emphasized that we all need to be solution-based and see what is right because others like you more if you are solution-based.  We need to build on our strengths.  Find what we like to do and build on that.  Leverage our power.  Money is power.  We need to be willing to walk away from the table sometimes to get what we want.  We need an internal locus of control to grow past ourselves.

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Reaching Out to Pres. Barchi About Superstorm Sandy

The below ad ran in the Daily Targum on Monday, March 11. The link is to the same petition we have up on our URA website.



























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Don’t Miss Out on Sandy Relief…Deadline Approaching

The affects of Superstorm Sandy are still being felt in the tri-state area and recovery is an on-going process.  In light of the circumstances the URA has extended the application deadline for relief funds until March 21.  If you, another signed member, or even a Rutgers student are still suffering because of Superstorm Sandy and have not yet applied for funds from the URA please click here to download the application form provided by AFTNJ; a copy can also be found in the URA print newsletter that was sent out in February.  Make sure to fax the completed form and supporting documents to the URA at 732–745-0400 or email to union@ura-aft.org, not to AFTNJ.

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It’s Tax Season…What You Need to Know


The April 15 tax filing deadline is a month away.  We’ve provided a few tips to assist you in the filing process.

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Union Scholarship Opportunity for High School Students

The Raymond A. Peterson Scholarship will be presented to award recipients on April 28, 2013 at the Middlesex and Somerset Counties AFL-CIO Labor Council’s Annual Awards Brunch.  This scholarship opportunity is available a student who is, or whose parent/guardian is, a member in good standing in a local union affiliated with the Middlesex and Somerset Counties AFL-CIO Labor Council.  Full dues membership in the URA-AFT meet this requirement.

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 URA Logo Contest 

The URA is seeking a new logo, and where better to look for a designer than among our very own talented and diverse members? If you are interested and think you have a winning idea, please give it a shot and submit your design by May 1, 2013. The winner will receive a $500 award.

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