Contract Education:

The URA is committed to ensuring that our membership is well-versed in our contract and our rights. To that end we are rolling out a series of Contract Education articles to help you understand the importance of our contract; how the various articles are beneficial to you, and when and how they are applicable.

Going from 12-month to 10-month? Know Your Rights, Understand Your Benefits
In 2009, the URA negotiated an agreement with Rutgers management concerning conversion of 12-month positions into 10-months.  Ten month positions by law must run from September to June.  If your department is considering such a conversion, it must be done and you must be notified by May 17. The agreement on 12-to-10 month conversions can be found on the URA website–2011-contract/12-month-to-10-month-agreement

The URA agreement provides that:

  • A department may seek volunteers for conversion of 12-to-10 month positions.
  • Management must give 45 calendar days’ prior notice when a position is converted from 12-to-10 month status.
  • When a department undertakes a mandatory conversion of 12-to-10 months, but not all positions are being converted to 10-months, the reduction of the work year will be in reverse order of seniority, with the more senior employee(s) in a job title remaining at 12-months, and the least senior employee(s) converted to 10-months.
  • Regular Type 1 employees cannot be made to work their job over the summer as Type 4’s.
  •  Type 4 employees doing the same work as the Type 1 will be discontinued before a 12-to-10 month conversion of a Type 1 job.
  •  Type 4 employees cannot be hired to take the place of a Type 1 employee whose position is converted to 10-months.
  • If your co-worker’s position is converted to 10-months and yours is not, the supervisor must meet with you to ensure that any transfer of duties does not exceed your job description.
  • If your job is converted back to 12-months from 10-months, you must be offered reinstatement to 12-months.

Up until this year, the provision has rarely been used.  This year, however, an entire department – Direct Education in the SNAP-ED and EFNEP projects of Rutgers Cooperative Education, has converted those grant-funded positions from 12 to 10-months.  URA Executive Board member Christine O’Connell and our off-campus stewards have worked with our members and with the department to ensure that the provisions of the agreement and the effects on employee benefits are understood.

When positions are converted from 12-to-10 months, an employee will still be eligible for pension, medical and dental benefits, but there will be changes to the schedule of employee contributions to each of these.  A summary of the changes to employee benefits and contributions, provided by UHR, can be found at:

If you have been informed that your position may be changed from a 12-month to a 10-month status and have any questions or concerns please reach out to your URA steward.