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URA News: Back to School with Overtime News

Overtime Quiz:  What Do You Know?

{OvertimeOfficeClipArt picture}In March, you may have read our Contract Education article that asked if Rutgers owed you uncompensated overtime.  In the time since that article posted, we were able to recoup thousands of dollars in overtime pay for  members.

Here’s your chance to see how well you know Rutgers’ overtime policy:

  1. Rutgers policy requires overtime eligible (Non-Exempt or “NE”) employees to “just get up and leave” once they have worked their full work-week.  T / F
  1. Once comp time has been earned by an employee, its use must be requested by the employee, and cannot be assigned by the supervisor.  T / F
  1. Once comp time has been earned by an employee, it cannot be forfeited, but must be compensated. T / F
  1. The basic legislation behind overtime is contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act of  a) 1938,  b) 1974,  c) 1985.
  1. URA members’ rights to overtime compensation are contained in Article a) 1,  b) 27,  c) 49 of the URA contract.
  1. URA members have recovered approximately a) $10,000,  b) $90,000,  c) $150,000 in unpaid overtime through the grievance procedure.
  1. URA members who are exempt from overtime (No Limit or “NL”) can use the URA contract to obtain additional help, time off, or a change in duties when the workload becomes excessive.  T / F
  1. The longest recorded response time (thus far) to a department’s RIAS request for authorization to work overtime was:  a) 72 hours,  b) 5 days,  c) 17 days.

If you have questions about your rights to overtime compensation, including back pay, contact your steward, or bring the questions to the next URA membership meeting.  If you have worked uncompensated overtime in the past and want to make a claim for payment, email for a spreadsheet calculator to help you compile your claim.

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Claim Your Uncompensated Overtime

Don’t lose out on your chance to claim your overtime pay from Rutgers.  Do like member Shy Hopkins did (pictured below receiving Rutgers overtime check from URA attorney Bennet Zurofsky) and get paid the money that you’re due.  For guidance in finding out if you are owed overtime pay go to‑3 for additional information.  Also, check your online payment records to make sure all of your pre-July 1, 2013 overtime is properly entered into the new overtime tracking system.

{picture of URA member Shy Hopkins receiving overtime check from Bennet Zurofsky, Esq.}

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Our 2011–2014 Contract is Available Now

{Contract pictures}Our printed July 1, 2011 — August 31, 2014 Contract is available now for distribution to signed URA members. The contract includes changes which resulted from bargaining in 2011 and the 2012 settlement from the Salary Freeze grievance. A downloadable version is also available at this link.

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