COPE Voter Action Activities for Fall 2013

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The fall election cycle is starting off full blast with a Special Senatorial Election on 10/16/2013 to replace the seat left open when Senator Lautenberg passed away earlier this year.  Then the regular General Election is 11/5/2013.

The URA-AFT #1766 COPE Committee has many volunteer activities planned for this election cycle that we need your help with.

Please complete the volunteer form using this link:

The 11/5/2013 general election is an important election because we are electing a governor as well as every seat in the state senate and assembly.

If you will be unable to go to the polls on 10/16/2013,please apply for a Vote by Mail ballot.  The deadline to apply is 10/9/2013.

If you will be unable to go to the polls on 11/5/2013, the deadline to apply for a Vote by Mail ballot is 10/29/2013.

Please make sure you are registered to vote at your current address.  If you are unsure, please complete a new voter registration form and mail it in.  The link for the form is

Deadline to register for the 10/16/2013 Special Election is 9/25/2013

Deadline to register for the 11/5/2013 General Election is 10/15/2013

There are two public questions on the ballot in November.  URA-AFT #1766 has been actively supporting Public Question #2 which would increase the NJ minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.25.  For detailed information, see

Please make sure all eligible voters in your household are registered and VOTE for both of these elections.

Please share this email with your fellow URA co-workers and friends.

Elections matter!  Every vote counts!

In Solidarity,

Kay Schechter, COPE Chairperson