URA News: Merit Pay and Election News

July 2013 Merit Pay: Report on Results

{money in envelope picture}1)   Did everyone get an SCP?   Management reports that 2173 members received SCP evaluations. The URA Agreement states that members who are not evaluated must receive the average merit increase. However, Human Resources relies on the supervisors to report if they did not complete a timely evalution. 

2)   Who was eligible for merit pay?  Our  January 2012 Settlement Agreement provides for all employees on Rutgers payroll on January 1, 2013 to be eligible. URA has filed a grievance for about 25 members who came into our unit from other Rutgers jobs at the beginning of the year and were treated as ineligible. 

3)   How many “met standards”? Only 16 received “does not meet standards” this is less than 1 percent. Our unit has grown, and the number who get unsatisfactory rating has actually dropped. 

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COPE Voter Action Activities for Fall 2013

{VOTE button picture}The fall election cycle is starting off full blast with a Special Senatorial Election on 10/16/2013 to replace the seat left open when Senator Lautenberg passed away earlier this year.  Then the regular General Election is 11/5/2013.

The URA-AFT #1766 COPE Committee has many volunteer activities planned for this election cycle that we need your help with.


Please complete the volunteer form using this link:



The 11/5/2013 general election is an important election because we are electing a governor as well as every seat in the state senate and assembly.


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Our 2011–2014 Contract is Available Now

{Contract pictures}Our printed July 1, 2011 — August 31, 2014 Contract is available now for distribution to signed URA members. The contract includes changes which resulted from bargaining in 2011 and the 2012 settlement from the Salary Freeze grievance. A downloadable version is also available at this link.

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