Bargaining Update:

Your URA bargaining team will return to the table on December 11th.  The team continues to fight for the priorities identified by the membership: fair pay, improved job security, maintaining our benefits, preventing another salary freeze, and more.  When we last met with management, we were offered an insulting 1.1% pay increase each year over four years.  We continue discussions with management on economic issues.  We also seek to find common ground on contract language that protects our members and makes good management sense.

At our last session, for example, we agreed to line up the URA probationary period with most other Rutgers unions, at 90 days (down from 120). Management is still trying to take back our tuition remission.  This change would immediately effect several hundred URA members, many of whom chose Rutgers specifically to advance their education. We believe that a fair contract is within reach.  It is your participation that gives us leverage at the bargaining table.  Over 50 union members came to support the team at ASB II on November 10th and gain on November 20th.  Your actions make a difference between collective bargaining and collective begging.