Janice DiLella: Bargaining Team & Contract Committee Profile Series

Janice DiLella

Name:  Janice DiLella

Title: Human Resources (HR) Specialist

Department: Dean’s Office 

School:  School of Management and Labor Relations

Campus: Livingston

Number of Years at Rutgers: 19 years

Residence Town: Milltown

Residence County: Middlesex

List of Union Activities Involved in: Treasurer of URA, Member of Bargaining Team

Why is being a URA-AFT full dues paying member important? There are two very important reasons to be a full dues-paying member.  First, there is strength in numbers and second, you have a right to vote on all union matters.  This year is critically important to have a say in our contract ratification.  Living in the United States and having the right to vote is fundamental to us.  Why anyone gives up their right to have a say and cast a vote for a few dollars a month (the difference between union dues at 1.2% of salary and agency fee of 85% of that 1.2%) escapes me.

Why should URA AFT members care about this year’s contract negotiations? Our contract directly benefits all of us – or if Governor Christie and some at Rutgers have their way—will directly hurt us.  A few can’t speak for many, many have to speak and support the bargaining team.

Why did you volunteer to be a part of the URA-AFT Contract Committee? I work in a great place and with great people in all levels of staff, faculty and administration. I wish those who don’t, could enjoy the same work environment I do.

Need to Contact Janice About an Issue on the Livingston Campus OR Have a Question/Thought About the URA AFT Contract: jdilella@smlr.rutgers.edu or (848) 445‑5975.