FAQ About SCP Appraisals This Year

{checklist}1. Q: My supervisor told me that there will be no appraisal because the union contract is not settled. What should I do?

A: Remind your supervisor that the terms of the union contract automatically renew by law until a new contract is ratified. Neither the Union or Rutgers has proposed changes to the SCP procedure and timeline. Therefore, appraisals are still expected to be completed by April 30.

2. Q: There is no money for raises so why should I care about the SCP?

A: Both the Union and Rutgers made proposals that included SCP raises for Fiscal Year 2015–16. Therefore, the appraisals need to start now. The primary issue in dispute is the amount.  Another reason to care about the appraisals is that they should be used to track your work duties over time. Often the appraisals are used as evidence for reclassifications that could lead to a beneficial adjustment in your salary and title.

For more information and tips on the SCP please visit this link.