Enjoy Summer with these union made products


You should literally start off on the right foot when you go shopping! Our friends at BCTGM have provided a list of unionized retail bakeshops.

Be sure to wrap-up your shopping (and your burgers and hot-dogs) with some quality-made buns with this list of unionized bakery companies.

Grilled Meats & Condiments

The Chicago Federation of Labor has a list of unionized grill meats and condiments that will make your meat taste even better in the summer heat! A few well-known brands include Ball Park, Oscar Meyer, French’s, and Heinz.

Beer and Spirits

The next time you reach in the cooler, make sure your beer is made to unionized perfection with this comprehensive list of union-made beers. Labor 411 has also shaken and stirred this list of spirits, liqueurs, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Think you’ve got the union-made beer list memorized? Be sure to take our union-made beer quiz!


Not all chips and pretzels are created equally. So snack smart with this list of unionized snack companies! Feed the snack attack with Kraft Foods, Frito Lay, and many others.