An MRI is No Day at the Beach! URA-AFT Wins Use of Sick Time for Medical and Dental Appointments

The URA has reached a settlement in a class action grievance over sick time for our members. On September 21, 2016, URA representatives signed an agreement with Rutgers management that will bring compassion and common sense into use of sick time.

Here is the important language:

URA-AFT employees may use their accrued sick time for pre-planned medical and dental appointments provided that the employee submits a request as soon as is practical, with the expectation that the employee shall provide at least one week’s notice if possible. Requests shall not be unreasonably denied. All requests shall be consistent with medical confidentiality.

Using sick time for your medical and dental needs— isn’t that common sense?

How will it work?

The settlement agreement guarantees your right to use sick time when you have a medical or dental visit— no matter the nature of the visit. That remains confidential. If I had to visit the best dentist near me and required leave for two days, I wouldn’t, as an employee, have to specify all details. This means that preventative visits are covered under this provision, as well as any other medical or dental appointment.

When does it start?

The agreement is effective immediately. So, if you have an upcoming medical or dental appointment, you can immediately request that your department charge that time off to sick time.

More questions? Attend the next URA membership meeting on October 17, or your next campus lunchtime meeting, and watch the URA website for further details.