Cornerstone: Good? Bad? Ugly?

Some URA members are working unpaid overtime, suffering physical and mental stress symptoms, and hurting financially as their TABERS sit in limbo.

Some see opportunity for a lighter workflow.

Share the good, the bad and the ugly in URA’s Cornerstone Suggestion Box

Come to the General Membership meeting on Monday, November 14 to discuss what we can do as a union.

  • I estimate that for the months of August, September and October I am already owed approximately $1500.00. As a Program Associate in a rural county, my mileage and tolls estimate around $500.00 per month.”
  • My supervisor said: ‘Maybe you should retire now.’ He sent me for a mental health evaluation. I can’t learn the system as fast as someone in their 20’s or 30’s.”
  • I was able to access the Help Desk in Chat mode on the first day, because no one knew about it. Since then, nothing.”
  • When the system works, it will be better and more transparent.”


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