R U Overworked?

Carrying the Weight of Cornerstone?

URA members continue to report huge problems with Cornerstone systems – problems that have significantly increased the workload for many.   Our contract provides important protections against excessive workload. At the same time, some departments have created best practices that are addressing some of the biggest problems. Share your views and concerns. Tens of millions of dollars have gone to outside firms working on this project. If you are working extra, you deserve a slice of that pie.

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Winter Break Reminder!

As we approach the winter holiday break, here’s a reminder that virtually every URA member who works on a holiday has rights to — compensation in time and money. The information is contained in Article 16 – Holidays  in the URA Agreement:

In addition, after six (6) months of employment, employees will be granted two (2) personal holidays. The rules for use of individually selected personal holidays will be governed by those applicable to administrative leave as provided in Article 3 of this Agreement.

Upcoming Events

URA-AFT Camden Holiday Party

December 19 @ 12:00 pm — 2:00 pm

South A B C, Camden Campus Center

Buy American and Support Labor This Holiday Season

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