Winter Break Reminder!


As we approach the winter holiday break, here’s a reminder that virtually every URA member who works on a holiday has rights to — compensation in time and money.  The information is contained in Article 16 – Holidays  in the URA Agreement:

In addition, after six (6) months of employment, employees will be granted two (2) personal holidays. The rules for use of individually selected personal holidays will be governed by those applicable to administrative leave as provided in Article 3 of this Agreement.

An overtime non-exempt employee, whose regularly scheduled day off falls on a University holiday, may request a particular day off in that workweek as an alternate day off. If the request can be granted without interfering with the needs of the department, it will be granted. If the department determines that its needs do not permit granting that day, the department may assign another day during that workweek as the alternate day off. If the employee is not given an alternate day off during that workweek the University holiday counts as compensable hours toward overtime.

Employees who are eligible to receive premium compensation for overtime hours worked and who are authorized to work on an observed University holiday will, in addition to his/her regular pay for the day, earn compensation at time and one-half the employee’s  regular rate for all hours worked as Holiday Premium pay.

When an overtime exempt employee is required to work on an observed holiday, that employee shall be granted an alternate day off at the mutual convenience of the supervisor and the employee, with the understanding that the employee’s choice for the day off will not be unreasonably denied. However, employees who have been informed that, by virtue of their assigned job duties, they are hired to work holidays will not be eligible for such alternate days off.

For a full reading of these articles please review our contract at this link.