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What Your Coworkers Are Saying About Cornerstone

comicspeachbubbleWith the implementation of Cornerstone we have reached out to our membership to get their views and impressions of the system.

Here’s what they are saying:

I don’t think they should have rolled this out university wide when it doesn’t work. My expense reports are still going to approvers that have nothing to do with our department after repeated request to correct the issue. I have suppliers calling asking for their payments of which I can do nothing about. People are furious.


Since nothing with this new system works, we continually try to process the same thing over and over again.  When you call the help desk, their mailbox is full or  the person on the other end says not even to put in a ticket because nobody knows the answers!  It is a disaster and causes so much stress, I was  in tears more than once.


Total waste of money, simple ordering tasks require 3 to 4 times long to complete. My time that should be spent helping students not wasting time on a poorly designed and implemented system.

Read more of what your colleagues have to say about Cornerstone at this link and join us at a campus meeting or our January 23rd General Membership  meeting to discuss the impact of Cornerstone, workload issues, and what we need to do next.