SCP Raises — Now What?

1. Your raises are viewable at: If your salary is at or near the maximum of your salary grade, some or all of this amount will come in the form of a lump‐sum bonus.  To determine the percentage of your raise follow this simple formula: [amount of your raise] x 100 / [your FY2015‐16 annual salary].

2. If you did not receive your SCP evaluation by April 30th AND your raise was less than 2.25%, notify the union office immediately by email ( or phone (732–745-0300).  Provide your name, preferred email address, preferred phone number, department and supervisor name.

3. If you wish to file an appeal, do so within 30 days from the date of when you were notified in writing of the raise. An appeal is only for the reasons outlined in Article 41, Section E of our contract ( To initiate an appeal use the form found here:

4. This was our last scheduled raise until we re‐negotiate a new union contract.  Are you ready to stand up for fair raises during our next contract campaign?  If yes, email us back about becoming a contract campaign point person for your department.