Rutgers has the money” Open the Books presentation

On Thursday, November 9th, Rutgers union members and the community‐at‐large attended the Open the Books presentations in Newark and New Brunswick; or watched the livestream in Camden or on Facebook.  The event was presented by Dr. Howard Bunsis, Professor of Accounting and an AAUP National Leader.

If we’re going to win fair salary raises, job security, affordable health care for all and other demands at the bargaining table in 2018, we need to know Rutgers’ true financial situation.

How much does the central administration really have at its disposal? Does Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) budgeting make departments broke on purpose? How much does bloated executive pay cost Rutgers University?

Here’s your opportunity to watch the events again, or for the first time.  Knowledge is Power!

Watch the November 9th event on Facebook:

12pm showing   5:30pm showing:



New Brunswick