What the Janus Decision Means To The URA

janussignsThe U.S. Supreme Court just punched us in the gut. Just when URA – and 17,000 other Rutgers workers are negotiating for new contracts, the Supreme Court decided today to abolish the 40-year old system of “fair-share” fees, in a case called Janus v. AFSCME.

From now on, as a union member, you’ll be covering the cost of maintaining a strong union… but your co-workers who are not full members can ride for free.

What will they get for free?

If the power of our union is reduced, it will get harder to fight for fair raises for all of us, and to protect benefits we care most about including tuition remission for ourselves and our family members, strong protections against unfair firing, workplace bullying and harassment, and many others.

You already know this: When we are at the bargaining table, the more Rutgers staff the URA-AFT can count as full members, the sooner Rutgers management will listen to us and work to meet our demands for fair raises and other compensation.

Talk to your co-workers. Ask them if they are union members — and if they are not, ask them: Are you going to wait and see how strong a contract your co-workers who are union members can negotiate for you?

Ask them: Are you going to wait and see if your union can provide shop stewards, staff and attorneys when everything in your department suddenly goes sideways and you need to file a grievance?

Sign them up today as a full dues-paying member of URA-AFT, with the application form at http://www.ura-aft.org/join-the-ura-aft/join-application.  Scan and return to union@ura-aft.org or FAX to 732–745-0400.

You already know this, their dues will cost 0.012 (1.2%) of your annual base salary (not lump-sum payments or overtime).

To learn more about what the union does every day — such as winning the right to use your sick time for doctor’s appointments or teaching members how to enroll for student debt forgiveness, visit http://www.ura-aft.org.

Feel free to reach out to me or any URA steward http://www.ura-aft.org/ura-stewards with any other questions.

Protect your job and benefits today, by talking to another URA worker. It’s how unions work.

Lucye Millerand
President, URA-AFT Local 1766