July 2018 Bargaining Update:

vector-pop-art-illustration-man-woman-sitting-negotiation-table-top-view-concept-brainstorming-97657386On July 26, 2018, the URA bargaining team met with Rutgers management for our 7th meeting.


We presented our Salary Improvements proposal which includes:

  • FY19: Across‐the‐Board Raise with Lump Sum.  Same amount for all members
  • FY20: Across‐the Board Percentage Raise
    • Equity pool to bring members with more than 5 years’ service to midpoint
    • Lump‐sum rebate to defray cost of health insurance
  • FY21: Across‐the‐Board Percentage Raise
    • Merit pool for members who “Meet Standards” (in unit on first business day of the year)
    • Lump‐sum rebate to defray cost of health insurance
  • FY22: Across‐the‐Board Percentage Raise
    • Equity pool to bring members with more than 15 years’ service to top of range
    • Merit pool for members who “Meet Standards”
    • Lump sum rebate to defray cost of health insurance

And our Salary Adjustments proposal including:

  • In‐Grade upgrades available for equity within department
  • Self‐initiated requests for In‐Grade upgrades
  • Promotion increases add 5% if workweek increases from 37.5 to 40
  • Promotion increases add 10% if status changes from NE to NL

 Management has proposed:

  • No salary proposal offered yet
  • Increases to cost of meals Dining Services staff MUST pay
  • Remove Step 1 and 2 from our Grievance Procedure
  • End union leave for our full‐time union officers
  • Eliminate the Non‐Hostile Workplace article from our contract
  • Count FMLA protection concurrently with sick leave

On July 26, URA presented an emergency proposal to require management to properly deduct dues from union members’ July 27 paycheck OR negotiate over a payment schedule and not double up dues. When management would not agree to these, we ended talks for the day. We have filed Unfair Labor Practice charges together with the other Rutgers unions.

 When will we get a raise?  It’s up to you:

  • Sign and share our petition for respect and fair contracts ura‐aft or on Facebook: URA1766
  • Join your union; sign up a co‐worker
  • Show your support: Post union literature in your office
  • Volunteer as a Contract Captain—share the latest news and special briefings with your co‐workers

URA officers have been holding campus lunchtime meetings around the university to discuss strategies to get the best possible contract.  Reach out to union@ura-aft.org if you want to host a meeting in your building.  We are also making preparations to hold a telephone town‐hall when we receive management’s salary proposal.