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Questions for the University Senate

URA members came out to rally prior to the University Senate meeting and call on President Barchi and the university’s governing boards to show respect for workers. Here are questions for the Senate, Governors and President Barchi.

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web site post 560

Here are questions, URA distributed to ask the Senate:

1. “Your role is to advise on areas including budget priorities, allocations, and general planning.” My question for you is—do you believe URA-AFT staff are valuable to this university? And if so what are you doing to demonstrate our value with budgeting and allocations? If you are not sure, we have some very reasonable salary demands that you can allocate.

2. URA-AFT staff serves the students, faculty and the community at large. We are integral to the operations of this University. Yet we are consistently overlooked and undervalued. How can the Senate help management understand that the University depends on our work, every day for almost everything?

3. FMLA is a medical and family leave entitlement that Rutgers negotiators are trying water down with its bargaining proposals. And sick time is an earned benefit here at Rutgers. Are you aware that the University unilaterally changed its FMLA policy without agreement by the union? What will you do to ensure the University stops violating the law?