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Rutgers Strike Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is going on strike?
A: Right now—no one, but that depends on bargaining. Rutgers AAUP-AFT faculty, graduate students, postdocs and EOF Counselors authorized the local’s leadership to call a strike if the university refuses to bargain a fair deal. They may call a strike at any time, even on short notice. It will probably depend on progress at their bargaining session scheduled for April 15, 2019 and any others to be scheduled.

Q: Does a strike make sense?
A: A strike is the ultimate expression of workers’ collective power—withholding our labor. None of us at Rutgers should settle for a less-than-fair contract that sets a pattern of poor settlements for other unions who follow. Rutgers AAUP-AFT members have developed a very carefully-planned strike effort and are prepared to use it forcefully at any time to leverage the best possible settlement and to stand in solidarity with other unions who need fair contracts too.

Q: Is anyone else on strike?
A: No other union at Rutgers has authorized a strike yet.

Q: Can we go on strike?
A: We are permitted to call a strike authorization vote too according to the provisions of our own constitution if/when necessary. Again, it depends upon progress at the bargaining table and unresolved unfair labor practices committed by the employer. We already filed three unfair labor practices against Rutgers management.

Q: How can we support the strikers?
A: Refer to Rutgers AAUP-AFT’s website for more details about the strike and how to support it: