Tentative Agreement FAQs

When do we get our raises?  Is there retro pay?
Payroll will implement raises after ratification.  All raises for this contract will be implemented on July 1 of each fiscal year. Year 1 (FY18-19) retroactive pay has to be calculated for each individual, so Payroll will need additional time.  The raise for Year 2 will be effective on July 1, 2019.

Did we lose anything? 
Last year the United States Supreme Court ended agency fees which allowed unions to charge non-members for the cost of representation at the bargaining table and in grievances. This contract reflects that reality—all the more reason to join the union for stronger protections.

URA agreed to changes in administration of leave under FMLA and NJFLA laws, which will now run concurrently with sick time – if the employee invokes that protection.  In exchange, we gained the right to use 60 days of our own accrued sick time for care of our family members.  URA also protected the right to use sick time to extend a leave of absence without discipline, and the confidentiality of medical information.  Our protections are now the strongest at Rutgers.  Finally, we ensured that related University policies and state-level programs like TDI, FLI & NJ SAFE can continue to be used at your own discretion.

Can we see the whole contract?
The new articles will be published on the URA website and announced via email as soon as possible.  The 2014–2018 contract is already on the website.  After the agreement is ratified, we will proofread it with management, and formally sign the agreement.  Union members will get printed copies of the contract in the fall.

Who can vote on the contract?
Anyone who is a union member on the day of ratification can vote.  Anyone who applies for membership on the day of ratification gets a provisional vote. Members who previously revoked their membership cannot vote or attend membership-only meetings unless they sign a membership application to re-join the union.

You do NOT need a union membership card or other identification to vote.