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No Copay for Generics in Mail Program

$0 copay for 90-day generics by mail (effective November 1, 2019)

As part of the Optum Rx mail order program, our unions were able to negotiate a zero dollar copay for generics via mail order for all our members.  For those who have prescriptions for maintenance drugs and choose to participate in the mail order program, this can potentially be a great cost savings.  Members will have the following options for continuing prescription or maintenance drug deliveries:

  • To have current valid prescriptions mailed through the program, submit prescription to Optum Rx and you should be enrolled in the mail program automatically.
  • To continue to receive some or all medications at your local pharmacy, you must disenroll from the Mail Service Member Select program or specify which route each prescription should take through Optum Rx by phone or online.

Phone: 844–368-8740
Web: www.optumrx.com
Go to “My Profile”
Scroll down to “Manage Programs”
Select “Mail Service Member Select”