April — Membership Meeting Report Back

On Monday, April 20th, we held our first virtual General Membership meeting.

Here is a brief summary from Monday -

The Coalition of Rutgers Unions has weekly Labor/Management conferences with UHR and upper management representatives. We have presented our demands and concerns, and some answers have been provided

Extension of COVID Paid Leave (CPL) and Telecommuting beyond 4/30 — We have asked for management to provide timely notice of their plans, negotiate any plans which vary from the Governor’s orders. Sr. VP Vivian Fernandez said that a message would be coming this week regarding this issue but refused to share any plans.   It is clear that management does not have a plan for safely re-opening on campus operations.

Time keeping issues — Employees can and should apply for BOTH Telecommuting and CPL if applicable. For NE employees, please continue to fill out the Telecommuting timesheet with your regularly scheduled hours and fill out the duties section in blocks of time, not in 15 minute increments. We are monitoring issues arising from combining the two provisions, and will provide additional guidance on the URA-AFT website, as our discussions continue.

Vacation carryover expansion — To date, there is no expansion of vacation carryover beyond your annual accrual of vacation time. Please put in vacation requests for days beyond your annual accrual so you don’t lose them. Additional guidance is provided on the URA-AFT website. See Side Letter on Vacation Policy, p. 55.

SCP Performance Evaluation period is May 1, 2019-April 30, 2020. You should detail all your accomplishments and duties assigned for the past year. Article 41, B. 1. b. in our contract says, ”Employees will be evaluated for the period starting May 1 of the previous year against the performance standards established during the previous evaluation process and any additions or modifications that have been communicated to the employee during the year.”

Layoffs and furloughs are rumors that many managers spreading to our members.   Our contract states that if management declares a fiscal emergency, they must provide the unions with thorough proof and negotiate on changes to the existing contract. See Appendix G, p. A‑18.

URA is working with the Coalition of Rutgers Unions to make specific demands and negotiate over any changes to the existing contract.