Help Ourselves-Help RU

As the university continues to assert that they are suffering financially, we have been taking proactive steps to avoid a worst case scenario with mass layoffs that would harm employees irreplaceably and Rutgers as a whole.

With the Coalition of Rutgers Unions, which includes 19 unions and representing almost 20,000 workers, we are trying to negotiate a work share/furlough plan that would keep most of us financially whole through unemployment benefits and taking advantage of the federal CARES Act while maintaining our health benefits, seniority, and retirement benefits.

Under this proposal, the university would save almost $100 million. For over six weeks, management has been stalling, has not agreed to a program that demands shared sacrifice from all employees, including top management, and excludes only our frontline health workers.

Once again, irresponsible Rutgers leadership has failed those of us who keep this university operating. Our proposal will protect our own members and put Rutgers on a stronger financial footing to face future revenue challenges.

A negotiated work share/furlough plan would reduce work time where Rutgers reduces salary proportionately and unemployment insurance would fund the difference between the reduced paycheck and the regular salary.

With the additional $600 from the Federal CARES Act, our members would be made financially whole. Every day that Rutgers management delays is millions of dollars lost.

Their inaction is causing mass anxiety and stress which they brush aside as they simultaneously begin layoffs of some of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.