Justice for George Floyd Now!

URA-AFT forcefully condemns the police brutality actions that caused the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland and the countless other black and brown brothers and sisters.

We offer our sympathies to their families and friends that feel their loss most intimately.

These people are far from the only people of color that are targets of racism but the latest victims that have garnered national press.

Every day aggression against minorities of all races are happening; we must all stand and raise our voices for all to end this cycle of racism.

The URA-AFT stands with the peaceful protesters fighting against the systemic racism that pervades our society. We join our voices with peaceful protesters around the country as we continue the fight against injustice and brutality.

Remaining silent allows the prejudice and inequality to continue. As a union we have observed racism allowed to perpetuate on our own campuses — even in Camden where Rutgers leaders are quick to tout a diverse population.

We have defended our own member-activists who spoke up and have been retaliated against by white supervisors in the Paul Robeson Library. We supported union members who spoke up about inequitable hiring practices in Dining Services (by the way, they have all been laid off this month).

We will continue our support against racial injustice not just as union representatives but as civil rights activists.