2018 Election: Barbara Nowakowski

Candidates for Executive Board Member, New Brunswick

I am at Rutgers for 17 years.  I signed a union card when they were forming this union and have been a member since it’s inception.  My main reason, at the time, was “bad bosses” and “bad workplaces”.  I have been in my department for my entire time here.  I was and am fortunate not to have experienced these issues but saw all around me mistreated staff by supervisors with no protection.  After URA‐AFT was formed I continued to see this treatment as well as intimidating treatment by the OEE office.  I became active in URA‐AFT as a building representative and am now a shop steward.  

I am running for the Executive Board to contribute and assist with the continuance of URA-AFT’s mission at Rutgers.  Some of my concerns are fair treatment by UHR, OEE, labor relations and supervisors, contract compliance, a non‐hostile workplace, raises, healthcare premiums, job security and building a stronger union.

One of the grievances I worked on was the firing of a over twenty‐four year employee with a completely clean record.  Had it not been for URA‐AFT they would not have gotten their job back and the ability to complete their 25 years.  This is far from the only case of this type of egregious behavior by Rutgers.  This type of situation could happen to anyone here at any time.  Without a strong union to represent them all employees will become at will employees. 

     I want to serve the union on the Executive Board to continue strengthening our union and assist in all matters of employees rights and treatment.  With Rutgers merger with the medical school it has grown into a large machine that employees need assistance and support within to insure they have a workplace where they are appreciated, respected and treated fairly.  

Local 1766