2018 Election: Christine O’Connell

Candidate For President: Christine O’Connell

My name is Christine O’Connell and I am seeking your support to be our next URA president.  As a mom of 5 children, my experience successfully managing multiple priorities as a Rutgers employee for a grant‐funded program for over 8 years, a student returning to complete my bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude) and later my Masters in Communication and Information Studies while being an active union member simultaneously, I am well prepared to be the next president of the Union of Rutgers Administrators (URA).  During my tenure at Rutgers, I have experienced many of the frustrations that members do, including job uncertainty due to funding and reorganization, lack of career growth opportunities, and feeling undervalued in my various positions.  All the different roles I’ve held within the union have helped me to learn my rights and be a better advocate for the rights of others.  These roles include negotiating multiple contracts on the bargaining team, member on the executive board, chair and lead steward of the Off‐Campus Committee, presenter and organizer of many reclassification workshops, new employee orientations and lunchtime meetings, and a member of numerous committees including Grievance, Organizing, Health and Safety, Communications, and Civil Rights.  I have also served as an AFTNJ delegate for 3 terms and am currently serving as the lead organizer for the URA for the past 2 years.  As we move forward together, I intend on creating more opportunities to engage members, seek to discover and address your priorities, develop and hold workshops to share strategies that positively impact members’ lives, increase communication through many platforms, and empower members to recognize their value in the success of Rutgers, wherever they work. With your support as president, I bring a strong work ethic, excellent organizational and time management skills, understanding of members’ needs, and the drive and determination to continue to make the URA a strong union that serves our members daily.  

Local 1766