2018 Election: Christopher Pflaum

Candidates for Executive Board Member, New Brunswick

Greetings fellow members. I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Rutgers University in the study of genetics and biotechnology genomics. I left the lab soon after graduation for a career at my alma mater in technology commercialization – which involves aspects of science, patent law, copyright law, business analysis and legal agreements. Simply put, I help to bring the discoveries and inventions of Rutgers’ researchers to the market place. 

My education and job have allowed me to develop knowledge and skills that I am currently leveraging for the benefit of our members as an active Building Rep. at 33 Knightsbridge and as a member of the current contract Bargaining Team. As part of the contract negotiation team, I am providing resources and support to make sure we get fair raises and increase our job security. When not at the bargaining table, I have represented our members by co‐hosting lunch/building meetings, participating in rallies, assisting fellow members with accessing membership benefits, and standing on the side of our members during disciplinary hearings.

I ask for your vote on November 30th to join the executive board of our great local 1776 to further the best interests of our members.

Local 1766