2018 Election: Helen F. Pirrello

Candidate for Executive Board Member, New Brunswick/Piscataway

My name is Helen F. Pirrello and I’m running for the Executive Board of the Union of Rutgers Administrators (URA), and as a delegate to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) NJ Assembly and would greatly appreciate your support November 30.  

During my time at Rutgers I received my undergraduate/graduate degrees, served on the URA Executive Board, the URA Legislative Committee and as a AFT NJ Assembly delegate, attended union workshops/meetings, conventions, worked on grievances, a Union Steward, graduated from the Union Leadership Academy and a University Senate Staff Representative. 

Working in various departments I’ve seen what happens when we feel we have no recourse, no support, no where to turn and so stressed it affects our well being.  I’ve seen many changes at RU and dealt with many of them first hand.  I’ve seen what is accomplished when we stand together and when we remind others that we need to be as respected as they wish to be.  

Rutgers, a nationally ranked University didn’t get there alone!  It’s also there because of staff, the structure/foundation that cares for the needs of students from dining to housing, from classroom to financial aid and everything in‐between and that faculty/students have the academic support needed. Your URA will continue to work to ensure you are recognized for your contributions to the success of Rutgers and not thought of as disposal.  Standing together accomplishes great things and we will continue on the path that makes working conditions at RU just as nationally recognized for its dedicated staff as it is for its academics and research.  

I ask for your support November 30 in electing me to represent you on your URA Executive Board and the AFT NJ Assembly.  Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Local 1766