2018 Election: Jonathan Lane

Candidate for Executive Board Member, Camden

I would like to be your next Executive Board member, representing the hardworking URA‐represented staff on the Camden Campus. I have supported our Union from the beginning, when our Local was first organized and voted upon, and joined as a dues‐paying member as soon as I knew this was an option. 

Working in underfunded, understaffed, overlooked departments on a “satellite” campus can make it hard for people to participate actively in their Union for their own interest‐so, when the needs came up, I agreed to become a building rep and then a steward. 

I welcome this opportunity to be considered, and in support of this move, I’d like to share with you some of the activity I’ve engaged in:

  • Active participation in trainings around the state, to be better informed and equipped to support members when they need help.
  • Assisted or conducted numerous NEO’s for new hires.
  • Organized and hosted building info meetings
  • Participated in statewide and national events:
    • NJ‐AFT Legislative Conference
    • Represented URA, as a voting delegate at AFT national convention in 2018
  • I plan to continue my development as an organizer and advocate
  • Supported the efforts of the 2018 contract bargaining committee
  • Participated in real‐time grievance meetings as part of my education as a steward
  • Have been active in progressive organizations that support social and economic justice since 2008
  • Have joined the URA‐AFT Social Justice Committee, participated in conference calls, and helped draft our mission statement

Colleagues and peers in URA have persuaded me that in working closely with them, I might best apply my energy, knowledge and abilities in a Board Member role – I will make the time and put in the energy to represent Camden Campus URA members to the best of my ability. 

Local 1766