2018 Election: Josephine Nagle

Candidate for Vice President, Newark

I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve the members of the URA as a candidate for the executive board as vice‐president for the Newark campus. I have been a full member and steward of the URA since its inception in 2007. In addition, I currently serve as the interim executive board member for Newark since the passing of our beloved Carolyn Foote. I am forever grateful for the leadership that Carolyn and Dorothy Grauer have provided. 

Over the years, I have gradually learned and done more to serve our members. I have organized lunchtime meetings, attended general membership meetings, planned our holiday parties, signed petitions, greeted potential members at New Employee Orientation, gone to rallies in Newark and New Brunswick to fight for our contracts, gone to rallies in Washington, D.C. and Morristown to fight for community issues, served on the election committee, listened to and advised members, and handled grievances. It is a pleasure for me to get to know fellow staff at Rutgers that I would never have met otherwise.

I have worked at Rutgers Law School since 2006, first as a development assistant and now as the continuing education program coordinator. Communication is a key part of my job, so I am part of the university’s Communicators Network. I created and manage an email account specifically to educate and inform URA members in Newark. 

All unions face new challenges because of the Janus decision. I have financial experience, having worked as a bookkeeper and clerk on Wall Street in my pre‐Rutgers life, and the various Rutgers financial systems, which should help with developing a long‐term plan for the fiscal strength of the URA.

If elected, I promise to serve the URA membership as a steadfast, thoughtful, open‐minded advocate. Thank you for your consideration.

Local 1766