2018 Election: Lawrence Stromberg

Candidate for Secretary

Hello, I am Larry Stromberg and I am the graduate program administrator in Biomedical Engineering on Busch Campus.  I have been on the URA Executive Board since 2016; I am an active steward on Busch Campus; I am part of the 2018 Contract Bargaining Team and I am also a Co‐Captain for the New Employee Orientation organizing.  I am running for Secretary of our union for the 2019–2021 term because I have a keen sense of detail and the position requires such attention to detail.  A little about my history at Rutgers:  I was an undergraduate student in Rutgers College and had an hourly work‐study job where I learned what good work ethic meant.  In 2002, I was hired as a full‐time Administrative Assistant and later moved to Biomedical Engineering to first work with undergraduates and then to my current position with graduate students.  When there were talks about union organizing in 2007, I was very excited!  Unions are there for their members and work hard to protect them and make sure members are treated fairly in terms of working conditions and compensation.  I started to be more active in our union in April 2014 when I became a Building Representative for Busch Campus in Engineering.  I attended many rallies and organizing events for our 2014–2018 contract and learned many things about my fellow staff members and how Rutgers Management works.  In July 2015, I became a Steward for Busch Campus to increase my union activism and in November 2015, I was nominated and placed on our E‐Board.  I want to make sure our union continues to grow, make sure our staff members are being heard and make sure Management treats us fairly. Thanks for reading!

Local 1766