2018 Election: Leigh‐Anne Cobb

Candidates for Executive Board Member, New Brunswick

My name Leigh‐Anne M. Cobb, and I am running as candidate for the URA‐AFT Local 1766 Executive Board in the upcoming election, which will be held on November 30, 2018. I look forward to continue serving our members and to work with as many of you as possible to protect our members, encourage member engagement  and keep URA a strong union. Accomplishing these goals will require reaching out to the membership, listening to our members and working with our chapter leaders. If elected as Executive Board Member, I pledge to protect our members, to advocate for our members’ rights, to be responsible and accountable.

My commitment to URA‐AFT began last year, when I was elected Lead Steward for Livingston Campus, never imagining I’d come this far. As my involvement and understanding deepened, encouraged by those who saw potential in me, I was elected as your delegate to the 2018 AFT National Convention. I am confidently prepared with examples and tools for meaningful conversations and outreach to our members. By serving on the Labor and Economy Committee, I was able to witness firsthand the dedication, authenticity and engagement I hope to attain “to continue the work of building membership and crafting a sure future for our union.” 

URA membership is diverse and we need to be inclusive and responsive to all groups. If elected  my goal is to expand communication,  by being active and engaged on all campuses.  

I will continue with these commitments to service on the Executive Board. I hope you will honor me with your support.


Local 1766