2018 Election: Virginia Caputo

Candidate for Executive Board Member, Newark

I am Ginny Caputo a Senior Department Administrator at Rutgers Law School. I joined Rutgers Newark in 2015 but I’ve been with the university since 2005 working a majority of my RU career in the SAS Anthropology Department on Douglass Campus.  During my time on our New Brunswick Campus, I was recruited as one of our original petitioners in what lead to the formation of the Union of Rutgers Administrations (URA‐AFT). Following our successful campaign to organize, I progressively worked my way through URA‐AFT leadership servicing first as a shop steward, then as a Lead Campus Steward for Douglass Campus and eventually as Campus Vice President for New Brunswick.  While here in Newark, I’ve continued my union involvement serving as a Newark Campus Shop Steward. With a URA executive board seat vacancy for Newark, I was compelled again to step up and lead. I feel with my prior URA executive board experience along with the three years I’ve spent building connections with my colleagues on our Newark campus I am a solid fit to lead us over the next three years as we transition in both URA leadership and a post JANUS world. In addition to having held a similar role in the past, I am a passionate advocate for community and am particularly passionate about our Rutgers community.    As the URA Newark Campus representative, I am looking forward to working again with many of my past colleagues and URA board members to continue to provide members with our services along with building on those services for URA members and the RU community. I am grateful not just for the experiences I’ve gained with URA but also the relationships I’ve formed and the community we’ve built as URA‐AFT.

Local 1766