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FEMOA and Deferred Raises

In last Friday’s paycheck, many of you should have seen an increase in your pay.

For state-funded employees, this new rate includes the deferred 3% raise contracted for July 1, 2020 and the difference (retro) from July, 1, 2021-August 62021, due to the delay of Rutgers’ implementation of payment. For state-funded employees, the July 1, 2021 raise of 2.5% is deferred and will be paid in March 2022. 

Our 100% grant or contract funded employees received their 3% increase effective July 1, 2020 and retro for the period of July 1, 2020-August 6, 2021 in August 6, 2021 paycheck. We learned last Thursday that Rutgers has delayed the payment of the additional 2.5% raise effective July 1, 2021 until the August 20thpaycheck. Those who are eligible should receive an additional 2.5% and the retro from July 1, 2021- August 20, 2021. Grant and contract funded employees are funded from external sources that should not be “subject to” the fiscal emergency language invoked due to the reduction in state appropriations. Their raises should have never been delayed but for Rutgers’ desire for more profit. 

In order to confirm that you have received your proper pay, go to Employee Services and check your paystub. Please do the math and verify that the amount is correct.

Also, check Compensation History to see your new rate of pay. Verify that the amount is correctly calculated. While you are looking at your paystub, if you had chosen to change your health insurance plan during the special open enrollment period that URA fought for in May, you should see a reduction in the cost of your benefits. 

Additionally, if you purchased your parking permit, deductions may have begun for that payment. All of these changes to your paycheck may not be immediately evident but are happening in a short period of time. I encourage you to verify every change so we can assist if there are corrections that need to be made. 

Sign and Share: Rutgers workers need affordable health insurance

Bring your team to the table now;  let’s hammer out a deal on employee health insurance  as we agreed we would over eight months ago.  We can save money for Rutgers workers, the University and the State of New Jersey. If your team is still looking for other insurance options, then consider checking out

Twenty-two thousand unionized employees at Rutgers agreed to negotiate over health insurance with Rutgers management “immediately following” the close of negotiations on economics and working conditions issues last summer.  Since mid-2019, Rutgers has refused to come to the table on health insurance, for more on this subject, Compare various $50,000 life insurance rate on this site.  As of February 2020:

  • Rutgers employees are paying more for the State Health Benefits Plan than our peers who work directly for the State of New Jersey.
  • Thousands of adjunct faculty, who teach most of the classes at all Rutgers campuses and online, are offered no health insurance at all. The Miller Hanover Insurance is what you need to find the right plan.
  • Medical faculty still have no contract.
  • Neither Rutgers nor its workers are getting the savings that the State of New Jersey negotiated with its workers in 2019.

Our salaries as unionized staff and faculty in public higher education are lower than what  we could earn in the private sector.  We have chosen to work in higher education for the rewards, which include a strong benefit package.  80% of our members  utilize the State Health Benefits plan for ourselves and our families. One can also click for more info to understand how they could be saving money when it comes to making choices for the organization.

We urge Rutgers management to  come to the bargaining table today,  as promised, and negotiate health insurance language for our contracts now– before another fiscal year of savings is lost.

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Millions in raises and retro pay

URA-AFT members have received millions of dollars in raises and retroactive pay as our new union contract was implemented over the month of July.

A 3% across-the-board raise was provided to all who were bargaining unit members on June 13.  Retroactive pay going back as far as July 1, 2018 was paid in the July 12th to all 12- month employees.  Those in 10-month jobs will receive their retroactive pay when they return to work in September.

As of late July, URA reps have learned of one union member who did not receive retro pay for no observable reason.  That case was resolved at the first step of the grievance procedure.  A more complicated situation for certain members who have been on medical leave is being addressed through the grievance procedure.

The second raise, an additional 3% across-the-board was paid in the July 26 paycheck.  Again, only a handful of members have reported miscalculations of their raises. URA reps are working with members who experience problems in the July 26 paycheck.

Our contract for FY 19 and 20 really maximizes the amount that goes into our overall pay”, stated URA President, Christine O’Connell.” Because the top of each grade increases, we no longer see members who receive bonuses instead of raises to base salary.  And because the eligibility for the raises falls so close to the date of the payment, we don’t see the problem of new members having to wait over a year for their first raise.  That was a problem before the URA was organized, and it can be a problem for people who start work in a year with a merit raise.  We still hear about this happening to the MPSC employees who don’t have a union contract.”

URA will join other Rutgers unions back at the bargaining table later this summer to provide even greater take-home pay through negotiations on the cost of health insurance.