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Looking at Janus from the Bargaining Table

vector-pop-art-illustration-man-woman-sitting-negotiation-table-top-view-concept-brainstorming-97657386Bargaining with an employer like Rutgers is difficult enough.  With the Janus decision now in play, do not think twice about maintaining your membership with URA-AFT—it is THE thing ensuring that your stable union job will continue to exist as you enjoy it.  Less memberships means less bargaining strength for proposals that we want and need.  Your co‐workers on the URA bargaining team put countless hours of concern, thought and effort into our proposals based on our collective experiences and your feedback.  There are always gains to be made.  But Rutgers is proposing cuts to our benefits and will win more cuts if we are not unified and working TOGETHER AS MEMBERS.  We have faced similar threats before. Remember when Rutgers froze wages?  We weathered those storms (and even Hurricane Sandy) TOGETHER.  As members we decided to help our brothers and sisters after Sandy. We set up a union‐funded vision care program to offset medical costs when Rutgers did not.   We need to solidify and protect our “seat at the table”.

Bargaining Update:  June 2018

The URA bargaining team met with Rutgers management on May 30, June 7 and June 14.   These are some highlights of discussions

 URA has put proposals on the table to:

  • Reimburse personal vehicle damage while on Rutgers business.
  • Offer telecommuting options for URA titles.
  • University closings tied to a state of emergency.
  • Give laid‐off workers priority for new job openings.

Management has proposed to:

  • Stop counting sick days toward overtime.
  • Increase the cost of meals which Dining Services employees MUST pay.
  • Eliminate the non‐hostile work environment article.
  • Change FMLA rules to reduce length of job protection

Agreements:  Just Cause, Non‐Discrimination, Reclassification & Union Reps.

These proposals from management would take away important protections from our workforce. In May, they proposed to extend the probationary period to a year, and eliminate Steps 1 and 2 of the Grievance process.

In July, URA will propose an economic package including Across‐the‐Board, Merit based and Equity raises, as well as relief from the cost of health insurance.

When will we get a raise?  A new contract?  More job security?  It’s up to you.

What’s Going On At The Bargaining Table

Fair Contract Now! Video

Rutgers has hundreds of millions in unrestricted reserves that could go to make tuition affordable, pay raises and make the university a better place for everyone. Join URA‐AFT and the Coalition of Rutgers Unions in calling for fairness at Rutgers.

Watch URA members and others at Rutgers speak on the importance of Bargaining for a Fair Contract at

May Bargaining Update

The URA bargaining team met with Rutgers management for the first three negotiating sessions on April 9, April 24, and May 7. These are some highlights of discussions so far:

URA has put proposals on the table to:

  • Provide equal allowance of Administrative Leave (AL) days when a 10‐month position is converted to 12 months. (Article 3)
  • Extend bereavement leave to members who have cared for non‐family members at the end of life by serving as health proxies, executors or making final arrangements. Allow bereavement leave at the time that a funeral is held, especially military funerals where the family cannot choose the date. (Article 6)
  • Prevent workplace bullying by clarifying the criteria and procedures for our Non‐Hostile Workplace Conference. (Article 27)

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URA‐AFT General Membership Meeting (New Location)

URA‐AFT General Membership Meeting

May 21 @ 5:30 pm — 7:00 pm EDT

Room 101, Hickman Hall, Douglass Campus

Agenda: Second Reading and Vote on the Budget

Open to full dues members only. Membership forms available at the door.

Update on OptumRX and the NJ State Health Benefit Plan

Last week the New Jersey Appellate Court ruled that the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) contract for the New Jersey State Health Benefit Plan will have to be rebid. OptumRX is the current plan manager and will continue to administer the health plan while the state decides whether to appeal the Appellate Court decision.

In the meantime please be aware of your right to appeal any denials from OptumRX.

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Rutgers Day — April 28, 2018

Thanks to all the URA members who made Rutgers Day a record‐shattering success. And a special shout‐out to the volunteers who not only registered voters at our COPE table, but also kept the crowd engaged while providing civic education. Pictures of the URA activities can be found on our Facebook page at

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