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Voting by Mail

(from AFL-CIO)

Election Overview: The Nov. 3, 2020, General Election will be conducted primarily by mail. Active voters do not need to apply for a VBM ballot. Postage pre-paid ballots will be mailed to all active voters from Sept. 19 through Oct. 5. Any new voter who registers on or before Oct. 13 will automatically receive a VBM ballot within 3 business days.

Voter Registration:
The voter registration deadline is still Oct. 13. Online voter registration begins Sept. 4. Starting this year, New Jersey allows people on probation or parole to register and vote.

Returning Voted VBM Ballots:
Voters can place their sealed ballots in U.S. postal system. Voters can place their sealed ballots in a secure and sanitized ballot drop box. To the extent possible, each county shall have at least 10 boxes in locations readily available to voters within the county. Voters can return their completed and sealed ballots to their designated polling place on Election Day (ID required).

Voting on Election Day:
Any voter who has not cast their ballot by mail may vote in person on Election Day by provisional ballot only (it may not be your usual polling place). Any voter who has not cast their ballot by mail may deliver their completed VBM ballot in person to their designated polling place on Election Day (it may not be your usual polling place). Voters with disabilities may vote in person on Election Day with special accommodations.

Ongoing Legislative Ask

Please continue to call and write your local legislators and ask them to fully fund Rutgers with the caveat that they must tie funding to rescinding and preventing future layoffs and commit to keep us safe and healthy as reopening plans are crafted.  You can find your local legislators here.

Tell them: I live and vote in your district. I need my job at Rutgers to stay in my home, keep my medical insurance and pay my taxes. All the State Colleges and Universities have negotiated furlough/no layoff agreements with their unions. Use the power of the purse to make Rutgers negotiate seriously and rescind the “fiscal emergency”.

Get Out the Vote—and Eat Lunch at the Same Time

AFTNJ-Election-Maters-Button-newAn important mid-term election is right around the corner.   This time around, New Jersey is a battleground state. 

YourVoteCountsButton-150x150We’ll be sending postcards to union members from key congressional districts around the state to remind them about the important issues, and urge them to the polls on November 6. 

 Lunch will be provided, so we can stuff envelopes and stuff our faces all at the same time. 

 Won’t you join us? 

Friday, 10/19  12 noon-2pm, College Ave:  Food Court, Rutgers Student Center

Monday, 10/22  12 noon-2pm, Douglass: Room 313, Hickman Hall

Tuesday, 10/23  12:30–2:30pm, Livingston:  Room 215, Lucy Stone Hall

Wednesday, 10/24  12 noon-2pm, Knightsbridge:  Room 135B, 33 Knightsbridge Rd.

Thursday, 10/25  12 noon-2pm, Camden:  Room 102, Writer’s House 12 noon — 2 pm

Thursday, 10/25  12 noon-2pm, Busch:  Food Court, Busch Campus Center

Thursday, 10/25  12 noon-2pm, Newark: Room 139, Conklin Hall

Open to stewards, building reps, activists, and democracy nerds — This activity will be successful if you come AND BRING YOUR CO-WORKERS.

Spread the word, bring a new member.  This is not a candidate-based activity.

See you there!