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Telecommuting: What to Know

Quick takeaway:

  1. You do not need to reapply for a telecommuting arrangement that was already approved and on file.  Continue to work according to that plan.
  2. If you are told to return to in-person work ask your supervisor: “what is the operational need?”
  3. If there is no critical operational need for in-person work, contact us immediately.  Your supervisor does not have total discretion to force you to return if your work truly can be performed remotely.
  4. If there is a critical need for in-person work, make sure the safety measures are appropriate.  If not, you should object to working under unsafe conditions.
  5. If you have a medical or family reason for not working in-person, request a flexible work hours arrangement that includes telecommuting or a leave request.

As classes begin and some students return to campus, we have heard from members that some departments are asking them to return to work. Our agreement with Vivian Fernandez, and her subsequent email on August 13th clearly states that the telecommuting rule relaxation policy has been extended through December 31th, 2020 and is automatically updated unless there is a change to your work schedule along with continued encouragement for department heads to be flexible in telecommuting arrangements, which include flexibility in work hours.

If you are requested to return to work in person and there is no operational need to do so, please contact us to help. This is particularly impactful as parents of school age students will require greater flexibility as K‑12 schools reopen.

Update: Health & Safety

In the revised Returning to Rutgers document, there was guidance for requests for cleaning of individual offices. We are trying to determine the procedure to request such cleaning and what it entails. Our recommendation is that you minimize the people that go into your space but if there is a need for cleaning, you can put in a work order to do so. There might be a charge through RCM for the additional service so please wait until you are actually returning so to not further burden our furloughed AFSCME brothers and sisters.

See also: AFT COVID-19 Safety Resources

Ongoing Legislative Ask

Please continue to call and write your local legislators and ask them to fully fund Rutgers with the caveat that they must tie funding to rescinding and preventing future layoffs and commit to keep us safe and healthy as reopening plans are crafted.  You can find your local legislators here.

Tell them: I live and vote in your district. I need my job at Rutgers to stay in my home, keep my medical insurance and pay my taxes. All the State Colleges and Universities have negotiated furlough/no layoff agreements with their unions. Use the power of the purse to make Rutgers negotiate seriously and rescind the “fiscal emergency”.