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NJ State Shutdown Update

From the New Jersey AFL-CIO:

As New Jersey’s government shutdown enters day 3, we need to demand a resolution. People's livelihoods are at stake and the services people depend on are in limbo. It is unacceptable that legislators we elected to vote on our behalf are abstaining from voting and causing a state government shutdown. Below is a list of legislators who have abstained and need to hear their constituents' voices.

If your legislator is listed, please send him or her a direct message with the simple message: pass the budget, end the shutdown.

Holding the state budget captive as a result of Governor Christie’s Horizon demands – a completely unrelated issue that was brought up less than one week ago – is misguided and a disservice to all New Jerseyans.

By expanding Horizon’s mission to serve as the insurer of last resort, Senate Bill S-4 is a health care tax imposed by Governor Christie on policy holders. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO maintains that any surplus should be returned to policy holders rather than diverted to other uses by the governor.

What can you do?

URA-AFT is calling on its members to call the following Legislators who are blocking the passage of a balanced budget. Tell them that a “no” vote or an “abstain” vote is the same as voting “yes” to a shutdown. This is unacceptable.

The below list and contact information has been provided by CWA 1036:

Bob Andrzejczak (609) 465-0700 Cape May County
R. Bruce Land (609) 465-0700 Cape May County
Craig Coughlin (732) 855-7441 Middlesex County
Joe Danielsen (732) 247-3999 Middlesex County
Joe Egan (732) 249-4550 Middlesex County
Nancy Pinkin (732) 548-1406 Middlesex County
Troy Singleton (856) 234-2790 Burlington County
Herb Conaway (856) 461-3997 Burlington County
Eliana Pintor-Marin (973) 589-0713 Essex County
Gordon Johnson (201) 530-0469 Bergen County
Eric Houghtaling (732) 695-3371 Monmouth County
Joann Downey (732) 333-0166 Monmouth County

And, while you are at it, send a message to thank all the Assembly members who voted YES on the budget and have stuck to their vote. 

 Complete List of Assembly Members who voted YES!

Dan Benson (D)

Ralph Caputo (D)

Marlene Caride (D)

Annette Chaparro (D)

Nicholas Chiaravalloti (D)

Wayne DeAngelo (D)

Tim Eustace (D)

Thomas Giblin (D)

Reed Gusciora (D) 

Jamel Holley (D)

Mila Jasey (D)

Angelica Jimenez (D)

James Kennedy (D)

Joseph Lagana (D) 

John McKeon (D)

Angela McKnight (D)

Raj Mukherji (D) 

Elizabeth Maher Muoio (D)

Vincent Prieto (D)

Annette Quijano (D)

Gary Schaer (D) 

Shavonda Sumter (D)

Cleopatra Tucker (D)

Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D)

Benjie Wimberly (D)

John Wisniewski (D)

Andrew Zwicker (D)


 Thank you to Assembly members Wayne DeAngelo (LD14), Dan Benson (LD14), and Andrew Zwicker (LD16) who added their YES votes on Friday to pass the budget and avoid a shutdown. Thank you to Assemblyman James Kennedy (LD22) who added his vote YES on Sunday to end the shutdown.

Urgent! Avoid State Shutdown!

Friday 6/30/2017 1:15pm:

Before you go home! Save jobs and services! Call your assembly member via


 enter your zip code and you will be connected to their legislative office. Tell them:

*Please do not hold up the state budget in order to pass a bill (S4) that has nothing to do with the budget.

*Vote yes for a clean bill!

Here’s more information at the New Jersey AFL-CIO website —  Please call your legislatures today!

Spring into Action with the URA

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March for Science in DC or Trenton

Higher Education, Knowledge, Science… they go hand in hand but cutbacks to the Federal budget and rollback of regulations on health, air and water quality threaten our health and our jobs.

Join the Rutgers contingent of faculty, staff, students and our families at the March for Science on Saturday, April 22 in Washington, DC or Trenton.

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