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Scholarship Applications Due Dec. 31, 2017

aftnj_nyscholarshipTo honor Nick Yovnello, former President of AFT College Council and longtime fighter for workers’ rights and expanded educational access, the AFTNJ awards one scholarship of $1,000 to an eligible student activist who demonstrates a commitment to fight for social and economic justice.

Scholarship Eligibility
• The AFTNJ Nicholas Yovnello Social Justice Scholarship Award is open to any AFTNJ member in good standing who has been a member for at least one year – or a family member of an AFTNJ member in good standing who has been a member for at least one year.
• For AFTNJ members or family members, the scholarship award is open to graduating high school seniors or students currently enrolled in either a public college, trade school or a union apprenticeship program.
• The scholarship award is also open to seniors, public college or trade school students currently attending an AFTNJ represented school. Applicants must submit a recommendation from an AFTNJ member in good standing.
• Children or legal dependents of AFTNJ or local union staff are also eligible for this scholarship opportunity.
• Application deadline is December 31, 2017. All required components must be completed and received by close of business.


Protect Our Tuition Benefits Today!

The Republicans’ tax proposal will tax our tuition benefits AND end the deduction for interest payments on student loans. How many of us took our Rutgers jobs for the tuition benefits? This would hurt us badly. Vote could come today. Please sign and share immediately!

The Republican tax bill currently before Congress will have a severe negative impact on students and higher education in the US. Sign the AAUP’s petition…

Staff Senate Elections 2017 — Cast Your Vote Today!

On March 30 VP Vivian Fernandez informed the University community of candidates running for the nine (9) Staff Senate seats for 2017–2018. The successful nominees will serve 2-year terms and are charged with serving as an important advisory and legislative body to the University President and boards. The URA has identified some of our members who are running and looking for your vote and support.

  • Chazz Fellenz – Newark
  • Brendan L. Keating – New Brunswick
  • Misty Denham-Barrett – New Brunswick
  • Mukul Acharya – New Brunswick

You can read the entire list of nominees and their personal statements at Staff Senator 2017 Campaign Statements. The election will occur electronically and must be cast by 4:30 p.m. on April 5 and results will be available on April 6 at  Go to for more information and to vote.  Please vote and secure responsible staff representation on the University Senate.