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URA’s Committee on Political Education Serves Our Community

The COPE Committee voted to make Rutgers Day and Citizenship Rutgers and as two of their community initiatives, in addition to voter registration, and other important campaigns.

Join URA-COPE at Rutgers Day

Rutgers Day LogoURA members are also participating in Rutgers Day on Saturday, April 27 from 10am-4pm.  This year the URA will be on College Avenue — our third year participating in Rutgers Day events.

Bring friends and relatives to Mine Street and College Avenue to play Do You Know Your Legislators?

Any Rutgers Day visitor can win a prize for identifying their state legislatures.

URA members and their families can win prizes for bringing in Voter Registrations, URA memberships, and COPE memberships.


URA Supports Citizenship Rutgers

Students with R. Chmielewski and Assemblywoman G. Mosquera in Camden
Students with R. Chmielewski and Assemblywoman G. Mosquera in Camden

Citizenship Rutgers, an initiative at Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics’ Program on Immigration and Democracy, is an amazing event and a wonderful program that is helping to make our state stronger and better. Juxtaposed to the national immigration debate, Rutgers is actively assisting legal permanent residents “LPR”, also known as green-card holders, to take that final step to become United States Citizens. The program is coordinated by URA member Randi Chmielewski, Coordinator for Public Programs and Special Projects.


Here’s what Kay Schechter, COPE Chair, said about her experience:

I was able to volunteer for at the New Brunswick and Camden Campuses and really enjoyed meeting the various volunteers, immigration attorneys, other attorneys, law students, alumni, and staff.  Thorough training was provided the morning of each event and the volunteers were able to network and mingle over lunch. Jude McLane, Darlene Smith, and Dorothy Grauer are other URA members who helped to serve New Jersey’s “Americans by choice”.  We will be soliciting volunteers for this program when it holds events again next Fall.  For more information, go to

And Dorothy Grauer recounted her involvement:

Dorothy Grauer (right) with CR volunteers in Newark
Dorothy Grauer (right) with CR volunteers in Newark

My experience at Citizenship Rutgers consisted of training to assist immigrants to properly complete necessary forms to apply for United States citizenship.  I was assigned to the room where immigrants’ photographs were taken for application purposes.  My duties involved ensuring that each applicant had with him or her all the required documents.  Once verified, I made a photocopy of each and returned the originals to the applicants.  Applicants then were cleared to have their photographs taken.

This experience was rewarding and relevant to my work as a member of the COPE Committee, as this work facilitates a growth in citizenship and each naturalized citizen will have the right to vote.  The initial contact with labor unions being one that assisted them along their path to citizenship, there is already a connection between these soon-to-be citizens and the progressive political agenda of the union movement and the candidates that we support.

Below is a listing from Citizenship Rutgers of the different countries represented at each of the events:

On Sunday, December 9th, you made it possible for Citizenship Rutgers to provide naturalization application assistance to roughly 60 Legal Permanent Residents. “Americans by choice” who attended represented 25 distinct countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Italy, Jamaica, Liberia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Spain, and Venezuela.

On Sunday, March 10th: 80 legal permanent residents. “Americans by choice” who attended represented 26 distinct countries including Canada, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Scotland, South Korea, Taiwan, Trinidad, Tunisia, Uganda, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

On Saturday, March 30th: over 50 legal permanent residents. “Americans by choice” who attended represented more than 15 distinct countries including Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Georgia, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Senegal, Spain, Togo, and Venezuela.

On Saturday, April 6th: 60 legal permanent residents. “Americans by choice” who attended represented more than 17 distinct countries including Antigua, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

The COPE Committee welcomes you to participate in these and other events.

An Award Winning Week for the URA

The URA received two awards during the AFTNJ Legislative Conference this past weekend.  The COPE committee, under the leadership of Kay Schechter, received the Partners in Political Education Award 2012 from AFT National and also the the Voter Registration Achievement Award from AFTNJ & NJ State AFL-CIO for getting over 80% of our membership registered to vote.


And let’s not forget to congratulate Helen F. Pirrello (New Brunswick Campus) and Dijha Allan (Newark Campus) for winning their respective University Staff Senate seats for the 2013–2014 term.

Remembering Worker’s Memorial Day

(from the NJ State AFL-CIO)

Workers Memorial Day 2013
Events Schedule

{Worker's Memorial Day April 28 AFL-CIO}Each year on Workers Memorial Day, April 28th, we remember those who were injured, died on the job, or suffered from work-related illness, and we renew our fight for safe workplaces. 2013 marks the 25th commemoration of Workers Memorial Day and our work is far from finished. See below for this year’s events in honor of Workers Memorial Day.

Click this link for Event schedule, locations and additional information.