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Hurricane Sandy Resource Information (from the AFL-CIO)

Working Families United for New Jersey created a resource to help you find information on everything from where you can find gas on the turnpike, to what to do if you’ve found mold in your house, to very important updates on how to vote.

Click here to find information on disaster assistance, as well as vital information on how and where to vote.

You should also know about a few key changes to voting in New Jersey:

  • Registered voters can obtain and cast their ballots in person at their county elections office until 3:00 p.m. Monday.
  • Locations of many polling places were changed due to power outages and their conditions. You can now text WHERE to 877877 to find the best polling place for you to vote. You can also contact your local county election officials.
  • If you are unable to go to your local polling site, you may vote at any polling location in the state via provisional ballot. But voting by provisional ballot in another county means you can only vote on national and statewide candidates and statewide ballot questions. (This is the recommended option for displaced residents and first responders.)
  • If these options won’t work for you, and you’ve been displaced by Hurricane Sandy, you can opt into electronic voting by email or fax. There are a few steps, which you can see here.

Check out to find out how to vote in New Jersey, as well as other important information about power outages, open gas stations, and what emergency numbers to call.

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power, destroyed homes, and sent thousands of neighbors into darkeness. But it hasn’t broken us. It hasn’t knocked out the bonds that tie us together, and I’ve been heartened to see my home state pull together and lend a helping hand to those that need them.

Stay safe,

Nicole Aro
Deputy Director, Digital Strategies

Choosing “Other” When Your Building is Closed

If your office building was closed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy you should not be charged for the day; an “Other” day should be designated on your time report by the department and in the description section ask that “Hurcn-BldgClosed” is written for Hurricane-Building Closed. Also contact the URA if you could not work at your worksite. If you encountered similar weather-related issues because you had to come into work please contact your union steward (

Hurricane Sandy: Clean Up Safely (from WEC)

On behalf of the NJ Work Environment Council, we hope you and your families stayed safe during Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are with those who were affected by this superstorm.

As we start the recovery process, please keep in mind that the clean up can be just as dangerous.

Here are some resources to help you stay safe during the recovery:

NJ Office of Emergency Response:

OSHA Floods Page:

NIOSH Floods Page:

NJ Dept. of Health Flood Recovery:

NJDEP Hurricane Sandy Resources:

NIOSH Recommendations for the Cleaning and Remediation of Flood Contaminated HVAC:

CDC Prevent and Treat Other Illnesses and Injuries After a Hurricane or Flood:


Rick Engler