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Rutgers faculty and staff, unable to work remotely, raise concerns with news of another coronavirus case on campus

By Ted Sherman | NJ Advance Media for and J. Dale Shoemaker | NJ Advance Media for

Rutgers University sent most of its students home last week over mounting concerns about exposure to coronavirus.

But some faculty and university employees — unable, or not permitted to work remotely — question whether the state university is doing enough to protect them from potential exposure, after a medical student tested positive this week for coronavirus.

Many departments are having people come to work,” said Christine O’Connell, president of the Union of Rutgers Administrators-American Federation of Teachers. “This is a huge place and a lot of it is very top down and small departments have a lot of authority.”


O’Connell, though, said not everyone has been given the choice to work from home. She said decisions whether about telecommuting are being made inconsistently, and many of requests are being denied.

My greater concern is that Rutgers has directed staff to continue to come to work, putting staff members and their families at risk,” said O’Connell. “We have thousands of people who are being directed to report to work.”

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Critics again blast Rutgers over football program in wake of head coach’s ouster

Santana, NJTVNews

Among the biggest critics is the faculty union, claiming Rutgers — which spends $94 million a year on sports — has lost $200 million since joining the NCAA conference in 2014.

Once again, we’re faced with a huge bill for someone to not work for Rutgers,” the union said in a joint statement with administrators at the school. “Instead of expecting a new coach to magically ‘turn things around,’ Rutgers would be better off supporting our mission of public higher education and research and funding health care for all employees and job security for support staff.”

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Rutgers Profs Want Equal Pay In Newark, Camden, New Brunswick

By Eric Kiefer, Patch 

Last week, about 200 Rutgers faculty, staff and students marched at the university’s Newark campus, rallying for “pay equity” among the three locations.


Josephine Nagle, a staff member at Rutgers Law School, was at the Nov. 14 rally to call for a fair contract.

We have to send a message to Barchi and management to show they care and respect staff and professors,” Nagle said. “They drag out bargaining and they need to feel the pressure to realize that we are people, not just numbers.”