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Hurricane Sandy: Clean Up Safely (from WEC)

On behalf of the NJ Work Environment Council, we hope you and your families stayed safe during Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are with those who were affected by this superstorm.

As we start the recovery process, please keep in mind that the clean up can be just as dangerous.

Here are some resources to help you stay safe during the recovery:

NJ Office of Emergency Response:

OSHA Floods Page:

NIOSH Floods Page:

NJ Dept. of Health Flood Recovery:

NJDEP Hurricane Sandy Resources:

NIOSH Recommendations for the Cleaning and Remediation of Flood Contaminated HVAC:

CDC Prevent and Treat Other Illnesses and Injuries After a Hurricane or Flood:


Rick Engler

Is It Safe To Go To Work?

(Though originally posted in URA News on 8/31/2011, this article is still timely in light of our current weather situation. Article 48 of our contract “University Closings” can be found at here.)

(photo of Rt. 18, New Brunswick, from The Home News & Tribune at

Yet again, Rutgers has put the safety of the staff at the bottom of the list. In light of the hurricane this past weekend Rutgers made the decision (and rightly so) to safeguard the students by delaying move‐in day, but non‐essential staff still had to come into work on Monday.  We have questioned the prudence of the University’s “Weather Alert‐University Open” policy before (URA 1/31/2011 article) and suffice to say, they just don’t get it.

Is this the right way to show you care about your workers?  Unfortunately Rutgers is not alone this time; though under a state‐of‐emergency State employees were also instructed to go to work, while staying off the roads at the same time ( and

If your building was closed you should not be charged for the day; if you were or had similar weather‐related issues because you had to come into work please contact your union steward (

URA Members Speak Out on Legislation

While some URA members demonstrated, wrote and phoned their representatives, a hearty few traveled to Trenton in June to talk with legislators about a variety of issues. While Higher Education reorganization (“the merger bill”) received most attention on campus, union members from the AFLCIO also spoke out on tax justice, minimum wage, and educational opportunity.

Here are the voices of some of the URA members who attended the Legislative Day on June 25:

Click here to watch Rhonda Smalls speak on keeping Rutgers in Camden

Click here to watch Nicole Curtis speak about education and jobs

Click here to watch Christine O’Connell speak on the millionaire’s tax

Click here to watch Titinia Brown speak about minimum wage