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Rutgers staff shut out of presidential search committee, union says

The search for the next Rutgers University president is underway. There is only one problem: 13,000 unionized staff have been shut out of the 23-member search committee. Executives from Rutgers governing boards and management have 10 seats; faculty have 11; and students have two. The exclusion is deliberate and part of a long-term pattern of Rutgers management disregarding staff.

Management is claiming that the two vice-presidents on the committee represent staff. That is incorrect. According to state law (New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act), as managerial executives, they do not represent bargaining-unit employees. They formulate and direct management policies and practices, and so they represent the employer, along with governing board officials. Rutgers executives are equivalent to corporate CEOs and vice-presidents, in effect, the Company Boss.

Finance Vice President John Michael Gower and Academic Vice President Barbara Lee preside over 15 to 25 high-ranking executives. They both earn six-figure salaries like the rest of senior management— deans, directors, chancellors, and provosts. None of them are front-line, department-level staff.

For more about the top-heavy, unnecessary layers of Rutgers executives with bloated and exorbitant salaries, go to: Rutgers organizational charts. Ask yourself this question when looking at the charts: What, exactly, do these people do? These executives receive annual bonuses in the tens of thousands of dollars. To see more, go to: Rutgers handed out $5.5 million in ‘incentive’ bonuses last year. Here’s who got the fattest checks. —

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URA Calls for Staff Representation on Presidential Search

Catherine Carrera, North Jersey Record

Lucye Millerand, Executive Vice President of the Union of Rutgers Administrators, speaks to the Presidential Search Committee on September 12, 2019. Michael Karas, NorthJersey

Gregory Rusciano, the director of the Union of Rutgers Administrators, said he and the union members he represents want a new president with strong labor relations experience. Unionized staff who spoke at the town halls expressed displeasure that they have no representation on the search committee, and also said they wanted a new leader who would prioritize relationships with staff members.

Kathryn Neal 260 091219 160
Kathryn Neal, Steward of the Union of Rutgers Administrators, speaks to the Presidential Search Committee during a Town Hall meeting at Livingston Hall in Piscataway on Thursday, September 12, 2019. (Photo: Michael Karas/

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Rutgers president list down to several dozen candidates

from The Star-Ledger, December 31, 2011 by Nic Corbett

The search for the next president of Rutgers University is expected to heat up significantly in the next two to three months.

The 24-member search committee has collected more than 250 nominations for the next president of the 58,000-student university and narrowed down the list to several dozen interested candidates, said chairman Greg Brown, chief executive officer of Motorola Solutions.

He characterized the search as “vibrant and robust.
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